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Tips to cure facial blushing

To all those out there who suffer from facial blushing the main advice I can give you is, not lose hope, there are treatments available that work, even if you think you have tried everything. Sometimes, unfortunately it just takes time to find what treatment works and suits your inner self. Your body may not respond to one of the treatments so it is your job to be positive and push on and try the other alternatives. Usually it is not the first type of treatment that you have success with, rather it will happen when you least expect it.


Hypnosis/NLP to treat or cure facial blushing

This is the method that worked for me, but it may not work for everybody.

What is Hypnosis/ NLP? (known as Neuro Linguistic Programming)

All humans experience the world through their senses, whether they be sensing, seeing hearing, feeling, smelling or tasting things. The brain then codes, orders and assigns meaning to the information gained through our senses. This is what constitutes the language of the mind. NLP aims to teach us how to use this language to enable us to achieve goals, in other words trying to teach us to react in the way we want to when experiencing, sensing things in our environment. For instance, for sufferers of facial blushing that would be to train your brain to react differently to situations that may have triggered blushing. Sometimes NLP techniques can bring about change very quickly because the mind can learn quickly when you communicate in the right way, but in my case it took a few sessions and some "homework". NLP is very useful when used in combination with

hypnosis. Hypnotherapy can reduce the underlying stress/anxiety associated with facial blushing, by addressing the fear of future attacks and reconditioning responses to trigger situations.Both NLP and Hypnosis work better for facial blushing that is the result of psychological factor, that is when there is no physiological reason for blushing. However, NLP and Hypnosis can also be helpful for patients with a physiological reason for facial blushing because it may make it easier to deal with facial blushing while waiting for treatment.

Pills or medicines to treat or cure facial blushing


Beta blockers is the name of a group of different drugs that block the action of different hormones, such as adrenaline on receptors that are part of the sympathetic nervous system which mediates the "fight or fligh" response. Beta-blockers, such as propanolol, have traditionally been used to treat angina, hypertension and migraine, but because of the effect on the "fight or flight" response some sufferers of facial blushing have experienced an improvement in their condition when taking beta-blockers.


Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRISs) is a common name for a group of antidepressant medications that treat depression, anxiety disorders and in come cases personality disorders. The SSRIs are meant to make the the brain use serotonin more efficiently. A low level of utilization of serotonin is one symptoms that may be associated with depression because serotonin is needed to metabolize stress hormones.

These drugs may help reduce the reaction to trigger situations such as public speaking and by making these situations less daunting, the sufferer may experience less facial blushing when on SSRI drugs.


This is a tablet I do not know that much about, but some people on internet forums say that it has helped them. It is supposed to be a one pill a day cure for facial blushing. However, because I do not know much about it I cannot say that I works. I personally find it hard to believe that this pill works, but I have struggled so long with my facial blushing so the idea that one pill would have solved all my problems seems a bit far fetched.

Hemoroid cream

Yes, I know, what are you expected to do with hemorrhoid cream. However, I have talked to people that put the cream on their faces and have experienced less redness as a result. They still feel other symptoms of facial blushing like feeling warm, but the face does not get red. It is worth a shot!

Surgery to treat or cure facial blushing
Surgery should always be the last option, but it is worth talking about. Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) is the procedure that is most commonly associated with facial blushing. It involves part of the sympathetic nerve being burned, severed, removed or clamped. The surgery is predominately used to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating, especially of the palms), but it is also used to treat facial blushing.
I advise people to be careful and do some research on their own before getting ETS surgery, as the benefits of the surgery are being debated. A common complaint from patients after the surgery is compensatory sweating, meaning patients may experience excessive sweating on their backs, chest or under their arms as a result of the surgery.



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